System protection with Fernox filters

System protection with Fernox filters

The new Fernox TF1 Delta Filter is a powerful, well-engineered filter for large‑volume, low-temperature light commercial heating and cooling systems. Offering three methods of filtration, it protects vital system components against damage or breakdown.

The magnetic filtration is powered by a high-grade, high-temperature rated neodymium magnet. The TF1 Delta can de-aerate automatically or manually any trapped air.

Made from premium, nickel-plated brass alloy, the filter comes with all the necessary valves and brackets. It can be installed horizontally or vertically in four orientations with no need to remove or disassemble the filter from the pipework during cleaning.

Suitable for new and existing installations, the TF1 Delta Filter is ideal for zoned or cascade systems, incorporating a low-loss header or plate‑to‑plate heat exchanger. The filter can be installed onto two-inch pipework and fitted on larger pipework using a bypass. Designed to fit close to the wall, its quick and easy installation reduces any necessary pipe alterations down to a minimum.

A non-combustible Fernox TF1 Delta Filter thermal jacket is also available to improve energy efficiency and provide a thermal barrier for installers to ensure safety.

For maximum protection filters should not work in isolation so Fernox is also launching an enhanced range of high-performance chemical water treatments for commercial operations. A combination of chemical water treatment and filters keeps the system working at its optimum levels for long-lasting heating systems.


Key points

  • The ultimate performance and protection with three methods of filtration
  • Easy installation – fits horizontal and vertical pipework
  • Easy maintenance – no need to remove the filter from the pipework during cleaning
  • Optional thermal jacket to improve energy efficiency and safety
  • A range of commercial chemical water treatments available

System protection with Fernox filters