Waterproofing advice from Impey

Waterproofing advice from Impey

UK wetroom brand Impey, renowned for its best-selling EasyFit floor former, offers five simple waterproofing, or tanking, tips to help you achieve perfect results every time.

Once you’ve chosen your Impey Easy Fit floor former or Coram shower tray, the key to effective tanking is to create an entirely watertight barrier on the floor and walls using Impey’s WaterGuard tanking kit.

1. Use WaterGuard to save time

A tanking membrane offers versatility, speed of installation and simplicity of use. Opt for a self-adhesive membrane, ideally on a roll like Impey’s WaterGuard.

No curing time is needed, so fitting of underfloor heating or tiling can start as soon as the product is laid. And the polypropylene surface of the membrane makes it an ideal key for tile adhesive.

2. Preparation is key

Ensure the room is completely clean and free from any dust, grease or residues. Then smooth down any protrusions, so there is no risk of compromising or damaging the membrane.

3. Precision ensures great results

Position jointing tape accurately. With WaterGuard, line up all wall and floor junctions, and ensure at least 75mm of tape is going up the wall and at least 75mm is covering the floor.

4. Quick-fitting corners

A poorly fitting corner can create a weak point in the tanking, and jeopardise the integrity of the installation. With WaterGuard’s pre-made corners, peel off the backing and form the product into the corner for a clean connection.

5. Waterproof the whole floor

A homeowner with a wetroom no longer feels the need to contain water in one area, or worry about splashes in the room.

You may wish to tank walls as well as floors. WaterGuard is highly elastic, resistant to ageing and has great load-bearing capabilities. With load-bearing capacities of 30kg/m2, it ensures weighty wall tiles are well supported and maintains its waterproof guarantee.

Order a free sample of Impey’s WaterGuard at www.impeyshowers.com/waterguard

Waterproofing advice from Impey